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About Us

Premier Brands

A Great Deal

At Colonial Villagescapes we carry only the best products from premier brands.  Including Michel Design, Yankee Candle, Lenox, Caspari, Park Designs, Lexington Furniture just to name a few. Stop by to check out our selection

White Buttercups
Festive Christmas Gift

Gift Wrapping Avaliable

Finishing Touches

At Colonial Villiagescapes we believe that the gift needs to look as special on the outside, as the gift being given on the inside.  For that reason we offer gift wrapping services in our store.

Flower Arrangements

Do It Yourself

You won’t usually find a product like this everywhere, because we help you create your own.  Bring your own vase or container and pick from our wide array of silk flowers to make your own design to suit your home.  We are happy to help make this fun. Or if you want we have custom arrangements and wreaths in stock to take home, or order a custom one to fit your space.  We’re sure you’ll find something you

Basket of Flowers
About Us: Sale
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